Andreina Brugger Basadonna was born in Venice in 1942 and in 1951 she moves with her family to Milan where she studies foreign languages and literatures. In this city she discovers the fascination of art and of painting in particular. In 1965 she gets married, acquires the Swiss citizenship, gives birth to 4 children and since 1969 lives in Lugano, Switzerland. In 1998 she makes her secret dream come true and begins to take painting lessons with an extraordinary artist, Antonella Gabrielli, and also attends classes of nude study at the CSIA in Lugano. She chooses the acrylic technique which with its strong and vibrant colours is ideal to express the impatient flood of her emotions. She is particularly sensitive to the beauty of nature, her primary and inexhaustible source of inspiration. The message of her works intends to be an hymn to the beauty of life: positive and full of joy.
Andreina, one of my students for many years and by now also a dear friend. From the beginning I saw in her the enthusiasm for colours, an eternal child with the joy of living and painting. Andreina is a dreamer, romantic and full of life like her paintings where colours predominate. Her works, mostly of big size, emanate vivacity, love for nature and beauty, all expressed with vibrant and heavy brushstrokes. I can say that, as painter, I saw her birth, her growing up, her evolution and experimentation up to a result which fills me with pride. Thank you, Andreina, for all that you have given me and continue to give me as student and friend.
Antonella Gabrielli
June 2011 Sala S. Rocco, Lugano
October 2008 Ristorante Odeon, Lugano
September 2008 Sala S. Rocco, Lugano
June 2004 "Agli Orti", Lugano
Sept. 2003 Febr. 2004 Amro Bank, Lugano
April May 2001 Gran Caffè, Quartiere Maghetti, Lugano
March 2001 Sala Multiuso, Casa Comunale Magliaso
April 2000 Villa Principe Leopoldo & Residence, Lugano